60th Anniversary of Heep Hong Society


60th Anniversary Drama and Music Performance

Sponsored by Partnership Fund for the Disadvantaged, the “Talent Development Project - All Roads Lead to Music” of Heep Hong Talent School demonstrated its outcomes through the 60th Anniversary Drama and Music Performance. Due to the pandemic, this project has been launched since July 2021, ranging from sharing sessions, music therapy workshops, music instrument training, charity concert, expressive arts therapy workshop, drama training, and the 60th Anniversary Drama and Music Performance that was held on 27 May.

More than 700 special needs children and their family were benefited from this project. Thanks to the support of Artist Ms Harriet Yeung, Elena Kong, and Derek Wong, sponsors, corporate partners, performers, their family, and the general public, the learning outcomes of students was shown. We hope more special needs children and adolescent can have the opportunities to communicate with the general public continuously and enhances acceptance and communion between different social groups.

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